An unusual player for a forgotten ‘70s music format

It was mistakenly marketed like a Karaoke machine. It’s not a Karaoke machine. Nonetheless I required a punt on purchasing it when i had the sensation which i owned the bizarre cartridges it plays. Within this video you can observe if my hunch compensated off and find out more about an uncommon format with an even rarer player.

My earlier video relating to this format


I) The device seems up to now from approximately 1976. A useful person on Patron spotted to start dating ? code around the speaker.

II) Crown? Weren’t they an americanOrOugh.K. brand? (delete as relevant) – not this Crown

00:00 Start

00:40 The device

02:16 HiPac?

07:37 What made it happen do?

10:31 How made it happen work?

12:48 The 50/60Hz issue

15:44 A glance inside

22:20 Cart player mech

26:22 Blather

28:20 A lot of carts

30:10 In the cart

31:51 Internal speaker

32:45 Blank carts & recording

37:03 Summary

38:43 Patreon credits

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Regularly requested question

Q) How come there comments from days ago if this video just gone live today?

A) Patrons https://world wide will often have early use of videos. I’ll show the very first form of a relevant video on Patreon and frequently the feedback I recieve produces a video dealing with further revisions to enhance it. e.g. Fix audio issues, clarify points, add extra footage or cut extraneous things out. The recording which goes survive youtube may be the final version.

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