Biden has ‘fumbled the ball on everything’

Former White-colored House staffer Barbara Heineback states US President Joe Biden has “fumbled the ball on everything” among his frequent gaffes and also the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“He’s not necessarily in a position to decipher his wife from his sister,” she told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“He doesn’t frequently know which city, which condition he’s in. He’ll require press questions, and he’s departing his team inside a lurch.”

Ms Heineback stated the U . s . States lost “so much credibility” from how a Afghanistan withdrawal was handled.

“And now I’m worried these missiles which are floating from China and North Korea where they’re back to some testing again since i don’t think they’ve any anxiety about Biden.

“Whereas you won’t ever saw anything like this under Trump, and that i was wishing well for Biden as well as for Kamala.”

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