FLYING OVER PARADISE (4K UHD) – Beautiful Nature Scenery with Relaxing Music | 4K VIDEO ULTRA HD

FLYING OVER PARADISE (4K UHD) – Beautiful Nature Scenery with Relaxing Music 4K VIDEO ULTRA HD

Paradise Island is really a small island near of Nassau, Bahamas. It’s covered with the Vegas-style Atlantis resort, which accounts for an incredible 11% from the Bahamas’ GNP.

Artificial lagoon at Atlantis

Paradise Island is linked to New Providence Island (Nassau) by two multi-lane bridges (one incoming, one outgoing). Likely to entrance fee of $1 per vehicle.

For those travelling inside a rental vehicle, the turnoff from East Bay Street towards the Paradise Island bridge is clearly signed and also you can’t miss it. However, the turnoff from Paradise Island Drive towards the return bridge isn’t clearly signed and it is simple to miss until you are right on the top from it.

Parking on Paradise Island is extremely costly. The primary self-park choice for Atlantis visitors not remaining at Atlantis may be the large parking garage towards the east of Paradise Shopping Village. The majority of that garage is restricted to Atlantis employees, but there’s a block of spaces put aside for self-park non-Atlantis visitors that is accessible from Harbour Drive in the southwest corner from the garage. However , by 2015, it is $9.67 to fit there from zero to 3 hrs (you’ll be billed that minimum amount even though you stay under three hrs) also it rises ridiculously rapidly after that. This makes it worth while only if you are planning to invest three hrs at Atlantis within the openly accessible areas such as the casino and Marina Village.

There’s additionally a self-park lot next door from RIU on Casino Drive that amounted to only $5.00 each day. It’s the easiest choice for visitors remaining outdoors of Paradise Island who would like to achieve the shore access trail alongside RIU to go to Cabbage Beach.

There’s a sizable parking area towards the southwest of Atlantis, but it’s restricted to Atlantis visitors only and can’t be utilised by non-Atlantis visitors to achieve Paradise Beach.

There’s additionally a ferry from Paradise Island towards the landmass. The agenda for the ferry is sort of regular, however they try to hang about until it’s filled before departure.

If you are sailing your personal yacht, you are able to pier at Hurricane Hole Marina [5], that has 90 slips for yachts that may be over 201 foot long.

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