New World Gameplay – What do I think after 60 Hours?

” New World ” Game play – Exactly what do I believe after 60 Hrs?

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This ” New World ” game play walkthrough part 5 features a first impressions Overview of Amazons new MMO game ” new world ” after playing for more than 60 hrs of game play. We are playing with the Single Player Story Campaign solo for PC. This is actually the full bet on ” New World ” at launch where we are playing through character creation, race, classes, and looking at all skills, passives, races, weapons, armor and testing the Hatchet, spear, greataxe, Warhammer, bow, musket, fire staff, existence staff for healing, ice gauntlet, rapier sword and shield!

Like a single player RPG game lover I’ll be playing with the game solo and telling you things i consider amazons latest title ” New World ” mmo. We are walkingthrough the primary story Prologue, Cut Scenes, Cinematics, weapons armor and much more before the Ending from the Single Player Story. This isn’t a backed live stream and my opinions are my very own.

■ What Sever shall we be held using?

Primary World: EU Centural Sever – Saba (Set: Vanaheim Zeta)

Secondary World: EU Centural Sever – Hades (Set: Vanaheim Phi)

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